This article is for STUDENTS and PARENTS.

Not only does the Engage e-learning platform come with 24/7 access to a digital library with thousands of free resources, but your teachers can also upload and share extra resources with you (like videos) – making learning from home that much easier, and fun! 

Before you can get started using Engage and all these cool features, your school needs to register.

To spread the word, here’s a useful template that you can copy and paste into an email/message to your school to tell them all about Snapplify’s e-learning solutions.

Email subject: Here’s an e-learning solution for our school – with thousands of free resources

Dear [Teacher Name],

I want to let you know about Snapplify, and to ask if you could register our school so that we can all access their e-learning solutions.

Using Snapplify Engage, we could have everything we need to teach, learn and study from home:

  • Any school, anywhere in the world, is able to register for Snapplify Engage (the online e-learning platform) for free.
  • Snapplify offers online technical support to students, parents, and teachers, for free 7 days a week.
  • Schools get instant access to a digital library (including online checkout and auto-return functionality) with 50 000 free resources – from teacher guides and e-textbooks, to study guides and past exam papers for revision purposes. The e-library also includes classic literature (plays, novels, and poetry) and children’s books in different languages. We can all keep up with our reading, and there is no additional cost to use this digital library technology.
  • Teachers get access to Snapplify’s Teacha! Benefits programme, for free. 
  • Teachers can upload their own resources to the platform and share these with students for free. This means that teachers can create video recordings of lessons, and share class notes, outlines, and exercises with students.
  • Schools only have to pay for extra content they choose to purchase via the platform.

I think this all sounds really cool and it would be a great way to keep up with the curriculum while studying from home. I hope you will consider this option for our school.

Best wishes,


Not sure if your school is already registered? Here’s how you can find out.

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