This article is for DEVELOPERS and PARTNERS who are integrating Snapplify Engage into the Moodle LMS.

As a registered IMS Global (1EdTech) partner, Snapplify is able to integrate with almost any LTI®-enabled learning management system (LMS), including Moodle, to provide an interconnected digital education ecosystem that better supports students and educators.

See which LMSes Snapplify integrates with via LTI.

These simple guidelines make it easy to integrate Engage with Moodle via LTI.

Steps for integrating with Moodle via LTI

  1. Your developer team implements the LTI launch API. Here's what they need to know about using the Engage Launch API.
  2. Your administrator creates a Moodle course, adds course content (such as documents, presentations, activities, or resources), and then adds users to the course.
  3. Your administrator links specific/prescribed textbooks from Engage into the Moodle course by:

You don’t necessarily have to link to just textbooks; you can also link to other Engage library books for recommended reading, for example.

If students have already purchased or checked out the books via Snapplify Engage, the content will open automatically in the Snapplify Reader app when accessed from the Moodle course. 

Alternatively, students will be able to request the library book (if it is not owned by the institution) or purchase the textbooks in Engage directly from the URL linked in Moodle.

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