This article is for TEACHERS and STUDENTS.

You can swiftly and conveniently draw freehand notes and images in your ebooks. This is an easy way of illustrating a concept and pinpointing key information.

This feature is especially useful during presentations. You'll be able to instantly highlight and illustrate important information on a page.

The freehand drawing feature is designed to be used on the fly, which is why your freehand drawings and annotations can't be saved.

To draw freehand on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS

  1. Open your ebook in the reader app.
  2. Tap/click the freehand drawing icon on the toolbar.
  3. Select the line thickness and colour from the pop-up, then draw freehand as needed.
  4. To remove your drawings, tap/click the 'Clear' button.

You can draw freehand in various colours on the same page. Simply select a new colour from the colour selector, then continue with your drawings.

You can also pinpoint important information in your ebook by making highlights and notes. 

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