This article is for ADMINISTRATORS.

Once you’ve signed up for a paid tier of Snapplify Engage, you gain access to several benefits, including the option to transfer the licence for a book to another teacher, under certain conditions. This benefit is called Teacha! Book Switch.

You may need to transfer a book from one teacher to another for a number of reasons, for example, when a teacher leaves your school and you’d like the new teacher to have access to the ebooks purchased on the previous teacher’s Snapplify account.

This is a benefit for teacher-owned titles only and you may only switch each title twice per academic year. 

Find out why you can't transfer books to other accounts.

Book switches allow you to transfer teacher-owned titles to another teacher under certain conditions.

You are permitted to switch books if:

  • You are transferring teacher-owned titles to another teacher.
  • The title you wish to switch has only been transferred once that year or not at all.
  • Your school is on a paid tier of Snapplify Engage.
Requests for teacher book switches should be made by your school by contacting us at 

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