This article is for ANYONE USING SNAPPLIFY.

Snapplify Credit is an amount of money that has been added to your Snapplify account. You can use this credit to make purchases on any platform or website where Snapplify Pay has been integrated.

Snapplify Pay is a secure payment infrastructure that supports multiple payment methods and currencies.

How to acquire Snapplify Credit

Snapplify Credit is added to your account when you purchase a Snapplify voucher via FNB using your eBucks.

You'll first need to redeem your Snapplify voucher. This adds Snapplify Credit to your account so that you can buy top-quality e-textbooks and educational resources.

Where Snapplify Credit can be used

Snapplify Credit can be used to pay for e-textbooks, ready-made teacher resources, and posting education vacancies on platforms using Snapplify Pay, as follows:

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