This article is for LIBRARIANS or ADMINISTRATORS who also have the FINANCE role.

To get full value out of Literacy Pro and Engage, you will need to build a library that supports your school's goals. 

Snapplify's free ebook collection can be used as a foundation to build your library upon but will not in itself be sufficient for running a literacy intervention programme in your school. Snapplify's free offering covers classic literature, classic poetry, Shakespeare plays, and OER content.

For best results, you will need to supplement this with enough bestselling fiction content to engage and excite your students and foster their love for reading. 

Some things to consider when building your library: 

  • Take note of your student's Lexile level ranges and ensure that you have purchased titles that cover this full range.
  • In order to use Literacy Pro successfully and maximise its tools, your library should guide students to books that have quizzes in Literacy Pro. When you purchase books using the 'Literacy Pro Quiz' filter in Advanced Search, your library will match the Literacy Pro library. This means that students will be able to find corresponding quizzes in Literacy Pro to test their reading comprehension once they've finished reading their library books.
  • We recommend budgeting at least R290 per student per year to build a library that will support your literacy intervention goals with Literacy Pro and Engage.
You'll only see the 'Literacy Pro Quiz' filter in advanced search if your school has signed up for Scholastic Literacy Pro.

To buy library books that best support Literacy Pro tools:

  1. Log in to Engage and navigate to the 'Library'.
  2.  All the library books are displayed. Click the 'Advanced search' tab and navigate to the 'Reading Level' options.
  3. From here, you can search for books that have matching quizzes in Literacy Pro or books that match a specific Lexile range.

    Tip: If you want to read more about the story, select the image to read the books' write up

  4. Once you have found a book you would like to purchase for our institutions' library, select the add button

The books are now owned by your school for the licence period. You can also buy multiple copies of the same book.

To find free books that have matching Literacy Pro quizzes, simply click the 'Literacy Pro' tab and search for free content using the advanced search feature.

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