This article is for TEACHERS.

If you belong to two or more classes, you will be prompted to select the relevant class to launch in Literacy Pro. 

You'll need to follow this process for each of your classes in order to make them active. 

Students will only be able to launch a class in Literacy Pro once the teacher has signed in to that class in Literacy Pro and assigned a grade.

To select a class to launch Literacy Pro

  1. Sign in to Engage and follow the process to sign in to Scholastic Literacy Pro.
  2. A pop-up displays. Click the 'Launch' button associated with the class that you want to launch Literacy Pro with.

You'll be redirected to Literacy Pro and prompted to select a grade for your class. Once you've assigned the grade, the class is activated and students belonging to the class will be able to launch the class in Literacy Pro.

Once all of your classes have been activated, you can switch between classes inside Literacy Pro.

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