This article is for ADMINISTRATORS. 

Once your school has signed up for Scholastic Literacy Pro, the onboarding process can begin. Snapplify will handle the onboarding but in order for us to start, we'll need you to take care of a few things first. 

As part of the onboarding process, we'll need you to send us the information to set up your school's Literacy Pro platform. Once the setup is complete, we'll need you to send us the information to set up your English classes in Literacy Pro and ensure that teachers and students are able to launch Literacy Pro.  

To ensure that onboarding can begin 

  1. Make sure that your school is registered for Engage.
  2. Check that your learners and teachers have been imported onto your Engage platform with their correct user roles. It's important to note that users will have the same roles in Literacy Pro as in Engage (e.g. a user with the Teacher role in Engage will also have the Teacher role in Literacy Pro).
  3. Indicate how many English teachers will be using Literacy Pro and provide their Snapplify usernames or email addresses.
  4. Provide your availability and the availability of the English teachers who will be using Literacy Pro, so that we can schedule the teacher demo training.
  5. Encourage your teachers to enroll in our short Literacy Pro course

As soon as we receive the above information, we'll start onboarding your school and setting up your Literacy Pro platform. We'll be in touch with your specific Literacy Pro user account details.

Please send the information required for onboarding to

Setting up your Literacy Pro English class

Once your Literacy Pro platform has been set up, to ensure that all the teachers and learners are able to sign in to Literacy Pro, we have to set up your school's English classes. 

We require the following information from you to successfully create the classes:

  1. The class name (for example Grade 8A English class).
  2. The description of the class (for example English First Additional Language class group).
  3. A completed School Class User Import Sample (columns A and C) for each class.
    For each learner, you will need to provide the username (as it appears in your Institution's Engage platform), and the Class that the learner is in for this academic year. 

Once we receive the above information, your school classes will be set up and teachers and learners will be able to sign in and select the class in Engage to launch Literacy Pro.

Please send the information required for onboarding to

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