This article is for ADMINISTRATORS, LIBRARIANS, or TEACHERS who also have the FINANCE role.

The Orders page in Engage enables you to review transactions relating to library purchases, retail purchases, and Engage credit purchases via EFT.

From here, you have access to useful details for each order, such as when the order was placed and by whom, as well as the order’s payment status and method. You can also use the tabs as a filter to view only the new or completed orders, for example.

The Orders page only reflects transactions made by your institution. 

Purchases made by parents or students are not shown here. Learn how to review which users still need to purchase titles on a prescribed list.

Checking orders

To review your institution's orders:

  1. Log in to Engage and navigate to the Finance section by clicking 'Finance'.
  2. Click 'Orders' to navigate to the Orders page.
  3. All the orders for your Engage platform are displayed. 

Managing orders

From the Orders page, you can use the tabs to filter by new, pending, and completed orders.

To review each order: 

  1. Click the order reference.
  2. The specific order page will open, providing further details about the order.

Learn how to generate an invoice.

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