This article is for ADMINISTRATORS.

Using a sign-up link is one of several ways that you can get all your institution's users onto your Engage platform.

When students or staff sign up via the link you give them, they'll be able to create their own accounts and be automatically added to your Engage platform. 

Using this method, anyone with the URL will be able to sign up to your institution's Engage platform.

Though you will easily be able to remove users if necessary, we recommend keeping your platform secure by:

  • Using a universally unique identifier (UUID) when you generate your sign-up link, rather than using generic text like your school name
  • Sharing the sign-up link via secure communication channels, rather than making it publicly available

Generating your unique sign-up link

  1. After logging in to Engage, navigate to the settings section by clicking the cog icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. From the 'User Settings' page, select 'Yes' from the dropdown menu to enable the sign-up link option.
  3. Next, type in a unique code to create your custom sign-up link. To keep your sign-up link secure, you may want to use a universally unique identifier (UUID) here.

  4. Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

Sharing your unique sign-up link

  1. From the 'User Settings' page, , click the 'copy' icon on the right of your custom sign-up link. 
  2. Paste this unique link into an email or another secure communication channel to share it with students and staff.

What's next? When users join Engage, they are all automatically assigned the 'Learner' role in Engage. After adding users to the Engage platform, you will need to assign user roles (e.g. Teacher, Librarian, Admin, Learner, or Finance) to give users like librarians or educators additional permissions.

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