The award-winning Snappbox is a hardware distribution solution for ebooks, allowing students to access the digital books within their school directly, rather than downloading every ebook individually from the internet.

In practical terms, this means that if a student has already downloaded a file, it will remain on the Snappbox for other students to download instantly.

Using the Snappbox, your school saves on bandwidth (on average, R400k to R600k per institution) and up to 166 hours a year in download time, as ebooks are only downloaded from the internet once!

What’s more, your students will always have the most updated editions of their textbooks, as a connected Snappbox syncs with the Cloud. Updated versions of textbooks are available to students with minimal delays compared to their print counterparts – yet another reason why digital content is more practical and user-friendly.

For schools with no internet, the biggest benefit of using a Snappbox is having offline access to the thousands of ebooks that can be preloaded onto the device. 


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