The Snapplify Reader is built to help you to access many types of files, so that you can continue reading and learning, wherever you are.

Tip for teachers: Convert documents to PDFs before uploading to Engage and your students will be able to open them immediately in the Snapplify Reader.

PDFs and ePUBs – the most common formats used for ebooks – will open in the reader itself, as will MP4s, MP3s, TXT files, JPGs, PNGs, and Snap files. Certain third-party file formats (e.g. Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint, Google Docs/Sheets, etc.), however, will open in their native applications.

If you have a third-party file type like this in your reader app, you will need to install the relevant third-party software on your device in order to open the file.

Formats such as AVI and MKV will work cross platform but require the correct encoding to be implemented. It is advised to encode such files as H264 in order to render correctly.

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