This article is for STUDENTS.

In addition to your personalised reading list, you can also use the Search page to find suggestions for your next great read. You may even want to search for a title you've just finished reading so that you can take a quiz.

The search function offers you flexibility since you can filter your search to find exactly what you're looking for.

You can also search for books in Engage by your Lexile level.


To search for books:

  1. Navigate to the Search tab when logged in to Scholastic Literacy Pro.

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  2. To search for a book by title, author, or keyword, enter the search term in the search field and click the search icon. 
  3. To limit the search to book quizzes, select 'With Quizzes'.
    To filter the search by Lexile measure, select 'In My Lexile Range'.
    To limit the search to only titles that are in the school’s library, click 'In My School Library'.
    To search for books and quizzes by interest category, select the relevant interests in the 'Reading Interests' section.
    To limit the search results by genre, rating, and/or series, use the search filters. Filtered searches will update automatically.
  4.  Set the number of search results displayed per page by using the drop-down.
  5. To view a description of the book click on the flip card icon on the top right hand side of the cover image. 
  6. Select a quiz by clicking on 'Quiz'. 
  7. To take the quiz, click the 'Start Now' button. 
  8. Click the page navigation below the list of results to move between multiple search result pages. 
  9. Once you've found a book you'd like to read, search for the title in your school's Engage library and check it out.

The search results screen shows the book’s Lexile measure, word count, and interest categories.

If a book is in a series, the series will display below the book title. Clicking on the series title will search for and display all the books in that series.

Books may appear on the search results page even though you've already taken the quiz for that book (this depends on the search filters you've used).


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