This article is for STUDENTS. 

Once you have taken the LitPro Test and determined your Lexile Level, you can view a reading list of books that are not only set at your reading level, but which you'll enjoy reading too!

Use this list to search for ebooks in your school's Engage library and begin your reading adventure.

The titles on your recommended reading list are populated based on:

- student’s Lexile Level (100L below and 50L above)
- selected reading interests (can be changed at any time)

While it is possible to generate a reading list simply based on your interests, your reading list will be more accurate (helping you on your journey to building reading skills) once you've completed the LitPro Test.

To set your reading interests and browse your personalised reading list:

  1. Navigate to the Home tab when logged in to Scholastic Literacy Pro.

    Screenshot 2020-11-24 131452
  2. Scroll down to 'My Bookshelf' and click on 'Edit Your Reading Interests'.

    create your reading list
  3. Set your reading interests by selecting three or more topics then clicking 'Confirm'.
  4. Once your interests are selected, you will be taken back to 'My Bookshelf' where there will be books 'Recommended for Me' based on your Lexile level and the interests chosen.

  5. Search for the title in your school's Engage library and check it out to start reading!

Use the 'My Reading Level' features to find books that are recommended to you by Literacy Pro, according to your Lexile level. The books on this tab are filtered by the your Lexile level and have corresponding quizzes in Literacy Pro

You can also update your reading level in Engage

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