This article is for ADMINISTRATORS.

We know that your privacy is very important and we want you to know that we take it seriously. As a Snapplify registered institution, you may be interested to know more about how user personal information is being collected, shared, used and protected. 

Here’s what you need to know about how we work:

  • We are upfront about what information we collect and why. We only collect information in order to help users access and make full use of Snapplify’s solutions or to communicate with you about features of the service. For example, users need to share their email addresses in order to register and log in. 
  • We only keep user data for the period that the user is registered with us. 
  • We don't store any sensitive information.
  • We do not make any user details available to third parties.
  • We never market to anyone under the age of 18 with the intention to sell.
  • We use the highest international standards of data safety to ensure that stored data is secure.
  • We are proud to be able to offer our users easier registration and sign-in through our integrations with third parties like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. This means that Snapplify uses Google/ Microsoft/ Apple for authentication of the user – but that's it. We still only have access to your Snapplify account.

Please refer to our privacy policy for these details and reach out to us if you have any questions about how this impacts your school or other educational institution.

This article contains more information for parents.

Do you have further questions about our privacy policy? Use the live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen to start a conversation, or email us at