This article is for TEACHERS.

Because you’re a teacher with a registered Snapplify account, you’ve been given one-month free access to a selection of books from leading academic publishers.

Engage users can have multiple permission types, and only users with 'Teacher' permissions can access specific complimentary ebooks. Talk to your school's ‘Admin’ (administrator) to give you this permission type if you don't already have it.

Using Teacha! Benefits

To access these ebooks and review them for one month:

  1. Log in to Engage and click 'Textbooks' at the top of your screen.
  2. On the 'Browse Store' page, you'll see a number of tabs. Click on the ‘Teacher’ tab.
    teacher tab
  3. Here, you will be able to view all the complimentary ebooks currently available.
  4. When you find a title you wish to access, click the green ‘Claim Teacher Benefit’ button. Select ‘Yes’ when asked if you want this title.
  5. After adding as many ebooks as you’d like, log in to your Snapplify Reader app to access and enjoy your new titles.

After one-month, you will lose access to the book and you will not be able to claim that same book again.

You will still be able to log in to Engage and find other ebooks using the process above.

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