Using the Snapplify Reader to add links to text in your ebooks can be incredibly useful. But what if you need to remove the link? Perhaps you inserted the wrong URL; perhaps the URL has changed and needs to be updated; or perhaps you mistakenly added your link to the wrong text.

Whatever your reason, you can easily remove an external link to text within your ebook. Follow the instructions for your specific device:

iOS and Android

  1. Tap the highlighted text in your ebook.
  2. Tap the trash can icon to remove the link and the highlight from the text.

Windows and macOS

  1. Click the highlighted text in your ebook.
  2. In the pop-up box, select 'Remove'. This will remove the link.

  3. To remove the highlight as well, click the highlighted text again and select 'Remove' from the pop-up.

If you wish to add a new link, you will need to highlight the text again, and then insert a link.

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