This article is for TEACHA! SELLERS.

For many teachers, creating quality educational resources is a labour of love, taking time and effort. With Teacha!, you can get rewarded for your hard work in more than one way, earning money via your own digital store. 

Understanding the fees we charge

  • There are no registration or membership fees. As a Teacha! seller, you are not charged to open a store, upload products and sell your resources. 
  • While setting up a shop and sharing your resources is free, there is a 35% commission payable to us on paid products. This means that you earn 65% of your sales.

Understanding the payments you receive from us

  • After deducting our 35% commission, we pay you the balance. You can keep track of money owed to you by monitoring your sales.
  • Payments are only made to you once you have earned at least R150 leading up to the payment period. If you are due less than R150, we will carry the balance over to the next payment cycle.
  • Teacha! sellers are paid every second month, in the month that follows. For example, money earned on sales during November and December is paid in January. Payments are made at the beginning of January, March, May, July, September and November and can take up to a week to reflect in your account (depending on public holidays and weekends).
  • Payments are made to the bank account listed on your Teacha! Resources Seller profile, so please double-check these details. 
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate early payment requests outside of the above payment cycle.

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