Teacha! Jobs enables schools to streamline their recruitment processes on one, easy-to-use platform. 

As an employer on Teacha! Jobs, you can: 

Though you may already have a Snapplify account, you will first need to indicate that you want to use Teacha! Jobs as an employer (i.e. someone posting a job) before signing in with Snapplify.

After you've registered as an employer once, your employer profile will be linked to your account and you will then be able to log in as usual.

To register as an employer on Teacha! Jobs:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click 'Login/Register' on the menu bar.
  3. On the 'Login' form, click 'Register' to create a new account.

  4. On the next page of the form, ensure that the 'Employer' tab is selected. Then, enter the required information.

    If you want your employer profile to be associated with your existing Snapplify account, you must use the same email address here.

    Then, accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy (by ticking the checkbox); and click the 'Register now' button to register as an employer.

You'll be logged in to Teacha! Jobs.

Once you've registered as an employer, it's easy to log in to Teacha! Jobs and use the platform.

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