This article is for ADMINISTRATORS. 

Proficiency bands allow you to determine the level of performance students must demonstrate to meet certain reading performance standards for the texts at their year/grade level.

The Benchmarks section of Scholastic Literacy Pro allows administrators to customise the benchmark proficiency bands for reporting LitPro Test scores.

Any educator using Scholastic Literacy Pro can view the information in the Benchmarks section. However, only administrators can make changes. This helps ensure that proficiency bands are consistent across an entire school, allowing for reliable growth-monitoring results. Any change will apply to the selected users.

Selecting a benchmark

  1. Navigate to the Benchmarks tab when logged in to Scholastic Literacy Pro.
  2. Choose which benchmark settings to apply by using the pull-down menu and clicking the setting. This changes the displayed benchmarks. Note that the benchmark selected will control which reports are viewable on the Home screen.
  3. Once you've selected the benchmark, click the 'Save' button.

The selected benchmark determines which reports display on the Home screen for teachers and administrators.

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